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I loved the characters and the fast pace of the book. It was a great read and can’t wait for the next one.


This book takes place in the Gulf Coast/Houston area. Fun to read. It was exciting and a fast light read. I would recommend it.

Great Book!

I am so glad my husband recommended this book to me. It was a great read and fantastic story line. The author's depth of knowledge impressed me throughout.

"A Day to Die" is a winner!

Steve Sloat has created a real winner - a "can't put it down" book - in the first of his Trevor J. Parkes series. The story line is fast paced, rich in factual details, with many great characters... some of whom I grew to care about and one in particular that I absolutely despised. The premise of Steve's book made the story very believable, and I highly recommend "A Day to Die" to anyone looking for an engrossing, exciting and intelligently written book.

A Real Winner

A script worthy of early Tom Clancy, but without the overbearing length. The story is all encompassing and moves at a compelling pace. I highly recommend it. This will make it to NY Times best seller list. It is as good a thriller as I have ever read. The author brings in detailed knowledge on a broad range of subjects intricately woven into the script. It is definitely not another "shoot 'em up, beat 'em up" detective novel as the title might imply, but a complexly designed thriller with a much broader script. It keeps you wanting to know what comes next.

Hooked like a perch by a worm!

The book is a real barn-burner, especially for a first novel. The plot had me hooked early on, and it got better and better as it went. The last third took me wide-eyed until 1:30 this morning. The good news is I didn't have to get up until 7:00. The plot is complex and un-guessable, as far as I was concerned. You dug a big hole for your reader, and then, step by step, lifted the reader out to level ground---and with the loose ends neatly tied! Extremely clever and well done! Congratulations!

Excellent Suspense Novel

by Steve Sloat

Excellent book! Read it a few years ago and it takes you on twists and turns you do not expect. One review said too much going on. I expect a detailed build up of plot to keep the excitement going and it does just that!

A Day to Die

This was a great read. Fast paced, with intriguing, believable details. I liked the scientific suspense and the masterful way that the characters were woven together. I would recommend this book and look forward to reading the next Steve Sloat book.

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