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Steve Sloat

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About Steve Sloat

Steve Sloat was raised in Texas where he received a BS in Criminal Justice and became a Houston area Police Officer primarily investigating juvenile narcotics. A year later he was appointed Deputy United States Marshal (DUSM) with the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS). He enjoyed fugitive warrant investigations and created the “Sloat Fugitive Warrant Screening Model,” a statistical screening model for his UHCLC MBA Degree thesis. This screening model was successfully implemented in several USMS “Fugitive Investigative Strike Team” (F.I.S.T.) operations proving cost savings and higher arrest yields. When the USMS created the national “Top 15 Most Wanted List,” Mr. Sloat made the first arrest on that list: #6.

In 1990 he began racing cars, choosing the “Spec Racer” (SR) class of Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) cars, a highly competitive open cockpit, closed wheel class, becoming the divisional SCCA National and Regional Spec Racer champion in 1994 and setting the SR speed record at Texas World Speedway (TWS). The SR class was retired in 1995 and he will forever hold the SR speed record at TWS (2.1 mile road circuit, time:1.14.06). Subsequently, he taught race car driving for SCCA, Ferrari of Houston, Porsche Car Club, Corinthian Car Club, and for individual drivers.

In 1994 he created a company providing drug and alcohol testing for domestic and international aviation clients at 81 sites around the world. These efforts developed into opportunities in the mid 90’s as a corporate “Turnaround Specialist” where he was brought in as President of troubled companies, turning them around to profitability.

In 1996 he was invited to work on an archeological excavation of the 1686 A.D. LaBelle shipwreck in South Texas. This experience opened a new world wherein Mr. Sloat began creating fictional stories based on life experiences….and he has many experiences to write about!

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